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If you are looking for a titling application worth investing time to learn, Titler Pro 5 will provide rewards on your investment long into the future. That can kill their billable hours as such solutions tend to be a steep learning curve and demand as much attention as the editor s core NLE. Well, you can do that in TP4, BUT you can also take the EPS file, and extrude it. It s a little bit confusing as to what you get, based on the type of license you have, so let s break it down before we talk about Titler Pro 4. the more I m impressed by it, and I can definately say at this point that if you re a Media Composer editor and you ve used Titler Pro in the past and didn t like it You can simply hover your mouse over any one of them to get a preview of exactly what the template looks like. And they do what they do very well. Titler Pro 5 Elite includes 2 titling content packs that provide 40 styles and 52 template designs. Also, if it s physical, is there a drop-shadow to set it off over the background picture? If the title is a minimalist design, does it fall over minimalist content behind it? As we know, the Title Tool and Marquee have not been updated yet, so we re looking for alternatives. Animate your existing designs and logos using EPS and PSD file import. Titler Pro 4 is designed so that the user can produce expertly animated titles quickly and easily. Often, you just need a way to inject some spice into your graphical overlays or titles with the minimum of hassle. Based in San Diego, CA, and privately held, NewBlue entered the market in 2006 with its NewBlueFX line of video special effects for video editing, which quickly became the fastest growing in its market. The list of features is exhaustive and I am still discovering things, such as the ability to create templates that can adapt to any final length you require, video texturing and bump mapping. It s time to get the sophisticated results you need with the Titler Live. They can even change what the window will be called by simply replacing “Text 01 or Text 02” with “First Name”/”Last Name” if that s what they happen to be building a title for. Simply head up to the “LIBRARY” tab at the top of the UI.