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The program provides base ring, saddle, leg and lug design and also includes modules for analyzing vessel components such as nozzles, flanges, base ring and other vessel components. A complete vertical vessel analysis will perform the following calculations (a horizontal vessel would contain fewer steps): Other features include toolbars that can be positioned any way on the screen for optimum usability. Intergraph PVElite includes complete material property databases, for ASME Sec. Using the Create/Review facility users can create their own units and then change units on fly. Default values for material, diameter, wall thickness, corrosion allowances, temperatures and pressures can be set, these are used as a starting point for new models. Pressure, too, causes either tensile or compressive longitudinal stresses in the vessel wall. Our intention is to ensure that customers continue to benefit from the strengths of both products. Lists weight of each attachment and element. Vessel center of gravity: Computes the center of gravity of the vessel in new, corroded conditions; and while in field and in shop. Stiffened length is computed. Stiffening rings if present, are checked The program allows users to enter data in English, SI or any user-defined units. The live loads tend to bend the vessel, creating both tensile and compressive stresses in the vessel wall. Intergraph PVElite can directly generate CAD drawing of the vessel, and provide the Bill of Material and Nozzle Schedule information. Intergraph and ECE are now offering two Pressure Vessel Solutions for our customers which meets the needs of a greater proportion of the user base.