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Though there is inevitably a degree of overlap, the strengths of each combine to create a formidable offering. Stiffened length is computed. Wind Deflection: Computes the elemental deflection, angular rotation and critical speed Basing stress calculations on this total structural load ensures sufficient wall thickness for the vessel in its operating environment and ensures proper design of the vessel supports. pv elite license price The program provides base ring, saddle, leg and lug design and also includes modules for analyzing vessel components such as nozzles, flanges, base ring and other vessel components. Intergraph and ECE are now offering two Pressure Vessel Solutions for our customers which meets the needs of a greater proportion of the user base. pv elite prices Element types include cylindrical shells; elliptical, spherical, torispherical, conical and flat heads; conical sections (including knuckles); body flanges; and skirts with base ring details. pv elite software price The drawing can also be saved in PCX image formats. Status bar displays important results for the elements, such as required thickness and maximum allowable pressures, as well as informational values such as design length, cone half apex angle, and flange rating etc. Graphic presentation keeps your data organized and confirms the integrity of the model. The program documentation is available in a hard copy and within the program in a portable document format (PDF). Fitness for service applications can be addressed per API-579 which is implemented in the Component part of Intergraph PVElite (CodeCalc). The program also includes material database editors for ASME and PD5500 materials, which allow the user to create new materials. Rigging Analysis: Bending and shear stresses, generated in a vessel, while its being lifted, are computed. Intergraph PV Elite is a comprehensive program for the complete structural design or analysis of tall towers and horizontal vessels according to latest standards from ASME, PD 5500 (British Code), UBC, EN-13445, API-579 and the Welding Research Council. The unique List Processor provides a concise method to review specific data sets, for example all the nozzles in the model.