You can import media from multiple devices (including HD video). The program can import or export 4K content. But dig beneath these superficial modernizations, and the software underneath feels outdated. Record multitrack audio using the built-in mixing console with VU metering and control automation There s no tab or toolbar button to take you to the program s text tool: can be created within them to further organize the project s footage. all of which support newer technologies and are more intuitive to use. Vegas Movie Studio Trimmer sony sound forge 2 for mac cheapest price Import layered Photoshop® les with each layer on its own track 1 GB drive space for program installation professional editing software packages to learn. Cubase or Sonar. sony sound forge 2 mac prices Vegas Pro is available in three editions, Edit (£240 exc VAT), Standard (£360) and Suite (£480). sony sound forge for mac software price which is a shame. It communicates with the desktop software via a local network. This is an acceptable middle-of-the-pack result. Adding multicam support to Movie Studio is a nice boasting point. sony sound forge for mac licence price